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FlySoon BV
PJ Troelstraweg 149
3144 CW Maassluis
Tel. 0031-10-4126367
Mob. 0031-6-21826582


FlySoon Reservation System (FSR)

The user-friendly reservation software with a perfect overview for both aircraft- and instructor-hire alike.

Especially designed for Aeroclubs and Flying Schools but also suitable for private aircraft with fractional ownerships.

Simplicity and transparency online from wherever you are, as easy as that.

With just a username and password, FSR allows you to properly plan (cancel and change) your flights by a couple of mouseclicks only and without the risk of creating double-bookings.

You always can instantly view your rentals up to 26 weeks ahead.

For operators with a larger fleet we even offer an optional Invoice module.

Call or e-mail us for a (free) trial period of a month and you will be convinced!